We’re all looking for easy ways to lose weight, aren’t we?

And while I’d be lying to say there was an easy way out in terms of anything (especially exercise and weight loss), the fact remains that you don’t always have to take the hardest route to a goal, my friend.

There are many ways to skin a cat – weight loss included, some easier than others.

Something I’ve often likened weight loss to is making money.

Lots of people have this idea that making money needs to be “hard” or “take years of long, hard labor” and so forth – and while hard work and persistence are required, the fact is this ; the BANK, my friend will accept your money just as easily if you got it “sitting at home” (I work from home, which is often termed by the idiots NOT in the know as “sitting at home) . . . or if you had labored for hours under the hot sun picking oranges, for instance.

Or, if you worked in an office for years and then got canned summarily . . .

It’s the same thing with weight loss. You can do it the easy way, or the HARD way.

And the EASY way is what I want to talk about today.

Something I’ve mentioned in the hugely popular “The Simple and Effective Diet” (which by the way is GRATIS – more manna from heaven for you “freeloaders” out there, hehe – with a purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System) – and that something is something I drank pots and pots of back when I first started to do so in China  – and do until this day.

It’s something that made instantly give up coffee – forever. Sure, I still have the occasional cup of black coffee, but and unlike the vast majority of folks out there the coffee machine is NOT the first thing I head for upon waking up in the mornings.

I no longer need the caffeine buzz. I no longer need to piss like a racehorse 10 times or more a day. And so forth.

And I get health – and WEIGHT loss benefits that coffee can never even start to provide you with.

OK, so what IS it then?

Well – it’s Chinese green tea, my friend. Not oolong, not jasmine, not red, not “puh er” – although all of these GREAT teas HAVE their benefits, nothing comes close to the benefits you get from imbibing GENUINE (as in, straight from China) green tea on a regular basis.

When it comes to tea, folks often associate India with it – and yet the green tea in India (at least all of those I’ve had) pales in comparison to that in China – a very low grade if I might say so.

If you’re into milk tea – a highly unhealthy practice by the way – then India’s the place for you – but if you’re into LOSING weight as opposed to gaining oodles of it – well – Chinese green tea is the one drink that will aid you in this endavor faster than any other drink will.

Forget the dieting. Drop the “pills”. Forget “six small meals a day” and all that garbage. Incorporate genuine green tea into your diet any which way, and see the difference it makes in a few weeks or so.

Now, why do I mention this “secret” here?

Well – because first, most people that think of green tea think of the packaged green tea sold in most Western supermarkets.

And that sort of tea will NOT be helpful to you. Green tea I’m referring to is NOT “crushed” – and neither does it come in tea bags (one of the worst things you can do to tea).

You do NOT add milk – sugar – or honey to it.

You add warm water – and that is IT – nothing else – and again, it must be the genuine stuff – or you might as well not drink it!

In all my years in China I’ve had the good fortune to drink many a splendid green tea indeed – and I’ve written a lot about this as well before.

And the second reason I mention it is this – is that I’m currently selling these special green teas that I’ve got – while stocks last, of course.

What do I mean?

Well, it’s something else I sell – its not on the website as yet because I’ve got to set up a seperate sales page etc for it (given all the varieties on offer out there) – – but I’ve got a good stock of them sitting right here in my house – – a stock that is RAPIDLY dwindling, by the way.

You can grab these for a pittance of $10 for 500 gms – – and 500 gms of green tea can last you more than two months or so if used right.

Not only that – the BEST way to drink green tea isn’t in glasses – or cups – or muggas – or pitchers.

Sure, you CAN drink them this way – but the best way is to drink them in super concentrated form in tiny clay pots as is done in China – and if you want some of those as well – well – I’m your man right there too.

So if you’re interested – drop me a line – and I’ll get back to you with a quote on shipping etc.

In the meantime, let’s look at what Imran, a customer from India had to say about this green tea – and a few other things I sold him –

Green tea is very good, very fragrant! Full body!

And with regard to the pots he procured from me –

I’m happy with these! Tea taste is different and BALANCED with this pot, which is why I bough it!

(check out our testimonials page right here – you’ll see MORE testimonials on ALL our products!)

And he’s right, my friend. He’s right – and so if you’re interested (oh, and pictures are there on our social media accounts by the way) – then jump on this right now – I’m currently offering 500 gms of the real deal which most people don’t even see in their lifetimes – for the THROWAWAY price of $10/bag, but this is ONLY while stocks last!

And that’s it for today. Last, but not least remember that while green tea is part of the equation, ole Jack La Lanne was spot on when the made the “Exercise is King, Nutrition is queen – together they form a kingdom” comment.

You truly CANNOT ignore the exercise part – and if you haven’t already – grab the one System that’ll have you shedding the flabbage off like there is NO tomorrow – right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S – I’ll have a “shop” up on the site very soon for all of this. For now, if you’re interested in bulk (or even semi-bulk) orders of tea, coffee, or just about any other product – shoot me an email, and we’ll see what we can do!