Man oh man!

It’s been a while since I’ve written to you, hasn’t it?

A long long time, especially for someone that emails darn near daily for his other businesses …

And while I wish I could tell you “why”, I can’t.

Server moves. A slowdown towards the middle of August or so (by no means a grinding halt, but a bit of a slowdown due to various reasons). Then back at it Sep, Oct … and, well, you know how it goes my friend.

Mea culpa

What I CAN say though is that we ARE still exporting tea, coffee etc from our various branches worldwide throughout the globe as best as possible even during these tough times.

As countries shut down, re-open again, then close again, then re-open, one thing is constant.

QUALITY is always in demand my friend.

And especially quality products.

It helps to have the cup of Joe next to you, for instance, when the whole world around you is going bonkers!

It helps, for instance, to have that soothing cup of jasmine tea – high quality, imported/exported straight from the Chinese mainland when you’re ill … or have the flu … (it being “that time of the year!”) .

Spices. Cashewnuts. Other “dried” fruits and condiments.

And so forth.

Shristi Imports is still VERY MUCH THERE FOR YOU, my friend!

And you gotta contact us NOW and today for your sourcing requirements!

Contact us – let’s see how we can work together.

Oh, and mea culpa again for the long break in posts – it should be getting better soon!


Rahul Mookerjee