Dear Reader,

You know how it is I’m sure.

Wake up in the morning, and the first thing (for you non smokers anyway, hehe) is to make a beeline straight for none other than the almighty coffee machine.

Or espresso maker. Or simply a cup of Nescafe “instant” (doesn’t quite hit the spot, but works in a pinch!)

And after your initial cup or two you feel PUMPED and ready to take on the world as it were.

And yet, a few hours later, the “high” dies down.

The caffeine high as it were.

No problem, you think – and you make another heart thumping pot of Java . . . and then rinse and repeat throughout the day or however many times you drink coffee.

And for the average insomniac adult that’s a lot (unless you offset it with a lot of booze, and the combination throughout the day while not deadly, and while certainly the booze can help you to sleep is NOT good for your body either way).

I know how it BE, my friend.

Until the age of 24 or so I was a bonafide coffee addict, and despite being young, also NOT in the best shape of my life (and I’m being kind when I say that).

Those that know me know that I run a fitness biz and make it a matter of personal pride to stay in top shape, but back then that wasn’t happening.

Anyway, all changed once I went to China, and six or so months later had my first pot of green tea, something I did NOT think I would enjoy at all.

And yet – the flavor and aroma of the admittedly high quality tea was not only so intense and refreshing – and such a great PICK ME UP without the “heart pounding effects” that I got hooked, and how!

A famous bench press record setter and fitness writer back in the day, Brooks Kubik, once had this to say about me in his newsletter.

“Rahul used to drink lots of coffee in the U.S, but has switched to green tea since he’s come to China. He says he drinks (and I said it, yes!) pots and pots of it daily, and that it’s caused him to “drop several waist sizes”).

And this was part of an email he sent out on my by now famous Hill Walking Workout from China, first featured on my site and now pretty much all over the Internet.

And while the exercise program did its bit and then some, green tea was one of the catalysts in my weight loss too, and how.

Ever since I’ve started drinking Chinese green tea, I’ve never looked back, and my health has never been better.

Improved digestion. Better sleep. Better “sexual” performance (yes, ‘tis true!). I rarely, if ever all sick. And much, much more . . . not to mention weight loss even when I’m not doing anything, or thinking about it, hehe.

Truly the WONDER brew as I once referred to, and provided you have the genuine stuff, you truly CANNOT go wrong when it comes to green (and other forms of Chinese tea), my friend.

Check out some photos right HERE – and contact us when you need them in bulk (or even perhaps just small orders to start off with) and we’ll see what we can do!


Rahul Mookerjee

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